Proof Of Compliance®

Embrace your allegiance to the ethos of PODCONF with Proof Of Compliance®. This exclusive process not only recognizes but rewards the commitment of our community's members to the centralization and advancement of Bitcoin advocacy. Here’s how you can make your pledge and potentially earn Compliance Token®.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Declare Your Allegiance: Begin your journey tweeting Proof Of Compliance® allegiance that. Make your dedication known by using the hashtag #ProofOfCompliance® and express your support for our mission. This public declaration marks your first step towards alignment with our community. Tweet the following:

    • "I pledge my allegiance to @_podconf and its mission of centralized Bitcoin advocacy. By tweeting this, I submit my #ProofOfCompliance® and stand with a community driving Bitcoin’s value. #ComplianceToken #NGUAtAllCosts #ComplianceIsDefiance"

  2. Submission of Proof: After you've tweeted, take the next step by filling out our Proof Of Compliance® submission form. Provide us with your details and the URL to your tweet. Transparency is key, so ensure your Twitter profile is public to allow for our thorough review.

  3. Evaluation Process: Our leadership team will meticulously review each submission. We will delve into your social media presence to gauge your genuine alignment with the PODCONF mission. Our assessment goes beyond your tweet—we look for consistent, demonstrated support for our principles.

  4. Token Distribution: Receiving Compliance Token® is not guaranteed. Distribution is subject to the discerning judgment of PODCONF leadership, which prides itself on upholding the highest standards of compliance and advocacy. Tokens are awarded to those who not only pledge but also embody the values of PODCONF.

Important Considerations: Token distribution is based on a subjective evaluation of your alignment with PODCONF. It's a discretionary process that reflects the quality and depth of your engagement with our principles.

Need Assistance? If you require guidance or have questions about the Proof Of Compliance® process, our support team is on standby to assist. Visit our FAQs or reach out through [support link].

Terms and Conditions: We encourage all participants to review our terms and conditions carefully. These govern the Proof Of Compliance® process and detail the criteria for token eligibility.

Final Thoughts: Proof Of Compliance® is your opportunity to solidify your standing within the PODCONF community. Your active participation shapes not only your path within our community but also contributes to the broader narrative of Bitcoin advocacy.

Call to Action: Are you ready to pledge your support and seek alignment with PODCONF? Tweet your allegiance and submit your Proof Of Compliance® today.

Once you have made your Proof Of Compliance®, submit proof on our form.

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