PODCONF® Digital Assets

The Foundation of PODCONF® Digital Assets

PODCONF® Digital Assets is at the forefront of innovation and strategic development within the cryptocurrency landscape. This division specializes in leveraging digital assets to amplify Bitcoin’s narrative and enhance its market value, focusing on transformative tools like the Compliance Token and Number Go Up Token. These tools are designed to foster compliance and strategic growth, aligning cutting-edge technology with PODCONF’s principles of centralized advocacy. By enabling stakeholders to engage with Bitcoin in impactful and regulated ways, PODCONF® Digital Assets is charting a new course in cryptocurrency advocacy and shaping the future of digital finance.

At the heart of our digital asset initiatives lies the PODCONF genesis inscription, Inscription 70294414, anchored in transaction ID:

This inscription sets the foundational standard and acts as the anchor for all future PODCONF Approved digital assets, ensuring each token launched under our banner adheres to the principles and quality standards set forth by PODCONF.

About Compliance Token®

Welcome to the frontier of strategic advancement within the Bitcoin community, brought to you by PODCONF®. Our latest innovation, COMPLIANCE TOKEN®, is more than just a digital asset—it's a powerful mechanism designed to enrich and expand our collective endeavor, powered by the groundbreaking Runes protocol atop Bitcoin's infrastructure.

What Is Compliance Token®?

Compliance Token® is a Rune-based token that embodies the principles of PODCONF, rewarding and incentivizing actions that align with our central tenets. As the currency of favor within the PODCONF community, it grants holders the unique ability to bolster affiliations and encourage behaviors that resonate with our mission.

Compliance Token®: Empowering Strategic Alignment

The Compliance Token is crafted to reward and incentivize compliance within the Bitcoin community, reinforcing PODCONF’s mission through strategic engagements. Here are the detailed specifications of the Compliance Token®:

Purpose and Utility

The essence of Compliance Token® lies in its power to forge deeper alliances within the Bitcoin sphere. Whether it's incentivizing meme gangs to rally potential members or rewarding esteemed speakers at PODCONF-approved events, Compliance Token® is the conduit for facilitating mission-aligned actions. It’s a token with a cause—elevating those who contribute to our shared goals.

Token Allocation and Acquisition

Forging a path distinct from conventional cryptocurrencies, Compliance Token® will initially not be for sale. Instead, tokens are awarded to those demonstrating unwavering commitment to our ethos. From Twitter verifications to recognition by PODCONF leadership and Real Plebs® membership, Compliance Token® is both a badge of honor and a tool for advancement. You can acquire Compliance Tokens by submitting Proof Of Compliance®.


With a finite supply of just 6102.0000 units, and divisibility to four decimal places, COMPLIANCE TOKEN® is meticulously managed from the PODCONF® treasury. This scarcity is by design, mirroring the exclusivity and value of our community's endorsement.

Claiming Process

Eligibility for COMPLIANCE TOKEN® begins with becoming PODCONF Approved®. Through a verification process on Twitter and a redemption form on our website, approved individuals and organizations can claim their tokens, marking their stature within the Bitcoin community. You can also acquire Compliance Tokens by submitting Proof Of Compliance®.

The Value Proposition

COMPLIANCE TOKEN® is not just a token but an investment in the Bitcoin narrative. It is the cornerstone of a system designed to foster a network of influencers whose activities and endorsements are strategically aimed at increasing Bitcoin's price and prominence.

Community Engagement and Honor

Token holders will be celebrated across social media and our website, serving as a beacon for others who aspire to align with the PODCONF mission. Each token awarded is a clarion call to action, rallying the community towards our common objectives.

Decentralization and Compliance

Running on Bitcoin, COMPLIANCE TOKEN® honors the decentralized spirit of cryptocurrency while embracing the structured approach of PODCONF. As the sole issuer, PODCONF upholds the integrity of the token, exemplifying our motto, "Compliance Is Defiance®". This balance ensures that while we leverage decentralized technology, we maintain the centralized vision necessary for Bitcoin’s success.

What is Number Go Up Token®

An even more exclusive asset, Number Go Up Token®, signifies the pinnacle of commitment to the cause. Only 1000 units will ever exist, each one a testament to the extraordinary contributions to Bitcoin’s ascent and PODCONF’s vision. These tokens cannot be claimed, they are awarded on merit as determined by the PODCONF leadership team and reserved for PODCONF Approved Tier-1 influencers. Number Go Up Tokens can also be acquired through purchasing a COMPLIANCE® shirt, howvever this is not guaranteed and distribution of the token is totally subjective to PODCONF Leadership's determination on worthiness.

Number Go Up Token®: Celebrating Exceptional Advocacy

Simultaneously, the Number Go Up Token® is introduced to acknowledge the exceptional efforts of leaders within the Bitcoin space, further amplifying PODCONF’s strategic initiatives. Here are the details for the Number Go Up Token:

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